Flexible Rubber Hose
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Flexible Rubber Hose

The flexible rubber hoses can be designed in several ways. These include extruded, formed, molded, and convoluted and each is special in their own way.

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Описание на продукта

1. Характеристики и предимства на гъвкавия гумен маркуч

Multiple types of hoses to fit your application.

Made with the highest quality materials like Neoprene and Silicone.

Highly customized for practical needs.

Technical Engineering Support

Можем да ви помогнем да определите какви конкретни изисквания имате за вашите персонализирани гумени маркучи. След като финализираме вашия дизайн, можем да го подложим на нашето тестване на маркучи, за да сме сигурни, че маркучът ви може да издържи на износването на вашето приложение.


2.Materials Used for Flexible Rubber Hose

We make our rubber hoses with the finest materials that range from the more common materials, like EPDM and neoprene, to the more special materials, like FKM and PVC. All the Flexible Rubber Hoses can be reinforced when required through the use of fabric, wire, or design features. These materials are tough and self-sustaining, ensuring that they’ll be used in production for a long time.


3. Възможности за формоване, които поддържаме

Гъвкавите гумени маркучи могат да бъдат проектирани по няколко начина. Те включват екструдирани, формовани, формовани и извити и всеки е специален по свой начин:
Extruded Rubber hoses are available in cut and bulk lengths and come in a variety of sizes and colors.
Formed hoses are highly customized and aesthetically pleasing. These are produced by taking an extruded hose and then either vulcanizing or curing the hose to the desired shape (bends, flare ends, etc).
Формованите маркучи могат да бъдат оформени в прости или сложни конструкции.



4. Quality Control and Certifications

Ние обслужваме нашите клиенти с висококачествен гъвкав гумен маркуч, като стриктно спазваме ISO 9001: 2015 и IATF 16949.


5. Плащане, доставка, доставка и обслужване

Our packing for all the Flexible Rubber Hose, strong enough to ensure its safety throughout the whole delivery no mater domestic or oversea shipping. Customized Packing/LOGO/Labeling are Available.



1. Налице ли е тестване на материали?
Yes, we do offer material testing for customers - typical, standard and lot testing. Typical testing is available at no charge.
2.Can LJ RUBBER make a drawing based on the sample we send?
Да, можем да направим чертеж според вашия чертеж и да предложим техническа поддръжка според заявлението.
3.Does LJ RUBBER Manufacturing make rubber parts in colors?
Yes. Due to the use of Carbon Black as the backbone of many rubber compounds, most synthetic rubber is black, however depending on the polymer, we can provide custom rubber compounds in colors such as yellow, red, orange, blue, gray, purple, brown, and white to enhance the look of your custom rubber product. In silicone, we have translucent bases that can be tinted to the color desired.
4.How can I follow up on my RFQ or Order?
If you would like to follow up on a quote, feel free to give us a call at 86-592-7255151 or find your support team. Our customer service reps would be happy to help you! Please do allow 24-48 hours for our estimators to work on pricing your product. Everything is custom, so some quotes can take time to price properly.

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